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Why aren't they enough...

Influencer Marketing is maturing. It continues to be a mix of significant influencers (boasting millions of followers) to micro-influencers who have several hundred followers. And each has a place depending on your desired goals. 

But Influencers are not enough. 

Customers know when a relationship is forced or false. In other words, when a person has been paid to say how fantastic your products are! If you do decide to use this form of marketing we recommend you use an Influencer with fewer followers but who is true to your brand – and does use your product or service.

Latitude Digital’s team of digital marketing evangelists will enhance your efforts by using paid Instagram advertising to deliver the perfect combination of trust; and the ability to reach a new and broader audience.

Our Process

It’s been said time and again that a picture speaks a thousand words. And that’s why Instagram Marketing is so successful. It can say so much with one image. But, of course, it needs to be the right picture, at the right time – and to the right audience.

Latitude Digital can help you take advantage of the 31% of shoppers who use Instagram to browse for their next purchase.

How do we achieve this? As with our other services the key is to get to know your business and develop a working relationship with you that enables us to know instinctively who your target customer is and what will appeal to them. Don’t worry though – we don’t use instinct alone. We have years of experience, expertise and analytics tools to back up our magical digital marketing powers!

By understanding Instagram  Marketing fully – the age range of users, where they live, their gender – the team at Latitude Digital can ensure we match its effectiveness to your target audience. And because Instagram uses Facebook’s demographic data to show ads to your ideal customers, it makes the tool incredibly valuable when targeting a niche audience; because we will already have that data.

The Pixel

The Pixel is an invaluable analytics tool (code) created by Facebook gurus. As a leading Instagram Advertising Agency, we use it to great effect when building targeted campaigns to get you more business.  

By installing it on your website (don’t worry, we can take care of that for you!) the Pixel can assist us by monitoring visitors to your site and using that data to help us track conversions from Instagram Shopping Ads for you.

By having this intelligence at our fingertips it helps us target the right audiences for your future ads, and remarket to those who’ve already visited your site.

It’s useful because it lets us know they’re interested in what you offer (or they wouldn’t have visited your site to begin with, right?). But what’s SO smart is that we can now put your products in front of the customers who, for whatever reason, didn’t take that final step and purchase or book the first time around. It could have been for any number of reasons; but what’s important is we can now connect with them again and remind them you’re still here and still have something great to offer them!

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